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This B2B site is only available to Ultra PRO direct distributors.  If you are an Ultra PRO distributor and require an account, please contact your designated account manager.

Please note the following changes taking place with our B2B site:

08/20/14: Pre-Order buttons are now blue for easier viewing.  Shopping baskets, including its Pre-Order and Back-Order tabs are now sortable by part number; click on "Product" header to sort up or down.

04/15/14: We have recently completed migration to a dedicated server to improve site performance.  There were, unfortunately, a few unexpected bugs as a result and we will be debugging over the next few days.  Thanks for your patience.

03/25/14: You can now download your own back-order and pre-order reports in PDF and in Excel.  Download buttons are located in your shopping cart window to the right hand side of the main catalog screen.

02/05/14: You may now order items from our Photo division as well, such as photo albums, photo pages, couponing albums and other storage products.  Please contact Susan Lindsey at 323-890-2167 for any questions regarding our photo products.  All photo products can be found under the catagories "Coupon Organizers", "Photo Albums" and "Photo Pages".

02/04/14: We will be transitioning our Wish List / Notify Me system to our new Back-Orders system.  Your account manager will contact you to confirm your current Back Order list and you will also be able to view it in your account information.

10/18/13: Tabs are now available on the main catalog pages to allow for quick viewing of shopping cart, wish list and pre-order list.

09/18/13: You will now receive email notices when your pre-orders come in stock.  You can turn this feature off under My Account section.

09/16/13: We are displaying the estimated number of pallets on shopping carts now to assist customers in building orders up to the nearest full pallet.

09/02/13: We have added quantity entry boxes next to "Notify Me" and "Pre-Order" buttons for faster placement of items on Wish List and Pre-Order list.

07/30/13: Pre-Ordering system is now live!  Please place your Pre-Orders through the B2B site or ask your Account Manager for assistance.

07/29/13: You may now set the frequency and day of the week that you would like to receive in-stock notifications for products on your wish list.  Please go to My Accounts section to modify this.  Default is set on Once A Day.

07/26/13: Our Quick Order function is now available.  You may download a .CSV file of our catalog, enter your quantities, and upload the file.  You can also upload your own .CSV file as long as you have the correct column headers as per the Help instructions.  Lastly, you can use the single line entry of part numbers to create a shopping basket.

07/12/13: Products placed into shopping cart that becomes out of stock prior to checking out will now be placed into your wish list.  You will simultaneously receive an email alerting you of this happening.  You can turn off this email alert under My Account by turning off the Cart to Wish List Alert option.

07/11/13: Please note that we are transitioning all pre- and back-orders to the B2B Product Notification / Wish List function, except for Magic Releases and certain Pokemon releases.  Your account manager will be advising you to place your pre- and back-orders on the B2B as they are announced.

07/08/13: The shopping cart window to the right side of the screen now follows you as you scroll down a long list of items.

07/07/13: Please note that setting "Show All" as your default setting for showing number of records may slow the loading speed of the web page due to the large number of products that must be loaded onto the page.

07/07/13: Special product lines and themes, such as Magic: the Gathering, Dia De Los Muertos, and Dead Wake can now be searched via a drop-down menu, which can be found above the product category menu to the left.  

07/07/13: The new tab "Recent Additions" lists all products added to the B2B in the last 60 days.

07/04/13: Happy July 4th weekend! We have added a "Show All" option to display all product records on the same page.  This option can also be set as your default viewing option in your Account Management page under View or Change My Account Information.  Please note that web page loading time may slow when using this option to show a large number of products at once.

06/28/13: We are now sending email notifications for items in your wish list which has come in stock.  Email notifications are batch processed at midnight, California time, daily.  You may turn this Product Notification Email feature off in your Account Management page under View or Change My Account Information.

06/26/13: Adding items to cart from the product details page now takes you back to your place in the products catalog.

06/25/13: We are working on creating a Stock Calendar to show when out-of-stock items will come back in stock.  This function is not yet finalized, thanks for your patience.

06/20/13: We have added a pop-up window to remind you if you are leaving the products catalog page without adding all your entered items to cart.  You can turn this reminder feature On or Off in your Account Information page under the My Account tab.

06/19/13: Required quantity box is now larger and will show 5 digits before scrolling off.  "Out of Stock" tag is removed to save space, instead a product that is out of stock will be noted as such by a "Notify Me" button.

06/17/13: Selected Shipping and Billing addresses now show correctly during the order confirmation process.

06/17/13: B2B log in section has been moved up top for convenience.

06/14/13: Order submission email has been reformatted to show product number first.

06/13/13: We have completed our In/Out of Stock indicator feature.  Please note that this function accounts for our own production schedules.  Your ship dates may require adjustments should we experience delays in production schedules.

06/12/13: We are still refining our In/Out of Stock indicator, this feature should be finalized this week.

06/12/13: Add to Cart confirmation box can now be turned on or off in the account management page.

06/07/13: Default Show records / Page can now be modified in the account management page.

06/03/13: We have launched our new B2B site which we continue to make improvements and modifications.  We welcome your comments; please send your suggestions to your account manager.

Thank you for your business,

Ultra PRO International

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